Give a little time, get a sense of well-being — because you’ll be helping native plants and the people who love them. Volunteer for one of these current open board positions, committee chairs, or committee roles.

Conservation Advocacy Committee

Learn to read and respond to environmental impact statements and related public documents. Help increase the understanding of public decision-makers about the importance and the needs of native plants. Experience welcome but not necessary.

Field Trip Chair

Explore native plants! Develop and maintain a list of field trip locations and trip leaders/hosts. Recruit people to organize field trips to wherever native planes are found, and recruit people with enough botanical knowledge to help with plant ID during the trip. Field trips could include hiking trails, nurseries, local native gardens, and more. Provide timely written descriptions of field trips to Newsletter Editor and Publicity Chair, so upcoming trips can be well publicized.

Field Trip Leader

Have an idea for a native-plant hike or field trip you’d like to lead? Know the route, coordinate the trip, and handle queries. No need to be an expert in native plants; Redbud can find someone who knows a lot about plants to pair up with you.

Greenhouse Assembly

Contribute experience in construction, engineering, or assembly of large greenhouses to help other Redbud volunteers complete a partially assembled greenhouse.

Newsletter Team

Your wordsmithing or graphics skills can help native plants! Volunteer to write articles, edit, proofread, do layout, or edit photos for the Redbud News. It’s a great way to learn about native plants! No coding ever required; mostly Word docs.

Nursery Monitor

Help provide native plants to more people. Learn how to propagate, grow, and care for dozens of native plant species. As a nursery monitor, check young nursery plants; as needed, water plants, remove insect pests, and treat to keep them healthy.

Nursery Workday Volunteers

Join a team on periodic nursery workdays, usually one to three hours. Regular activities include: propagating native plants from seeds or cuttings, potting up plants, labeling plants, washing and sanitizing pots and flats, sanitizing growing benches, weeding, and seasonally putting up and taking down shade fabric.

Photo Librarian

Establish and maintain a well-organized, usable, diverse, and secure online library of high-quality photo images available to use for by Redbud in newsletters, websites, and publicity. Assure that photographer copyrights are respected and that photographers are properly credited. Make library accessible to appropriate Redbud volunteers but secure from use by others. May recruit photographers to contribute images.

Program Committee

Help plan and prepare for Redbud’s programs about native plants and their ecosystems. Recruit and work with relevant presenters, share info about presenters with Publicity Committee, and help arrange events (and venues). Familiarity with computer projectors and experience doing video of presentations is welcome though not required.

Publicity Committee

Use your talents to share news about our Redbud Chapter and about native plants. Choose how you want to contribute —  social media, our website, the newsletter team, marketing.  We’re looking for skills in communication and visual design, such as recruiting contributors, writing, editing, proofreading, photography, layout, or marketing. Tech skills not needed but welcome! Website is on user-friendly WordPress, so no coding required.

Rare Plants Chair

If you’re familiar with our locally native rare plants, this is the spot for you! Develop and maintain a file on sensitive plants. Monitor State CNPS activities related to rare plants and to invasive species. Develop an annual monitoring of known sensitive plant populations. Report new populations to the CNPS Rare Plant Botanists. Keep the Board and membership informed of changes in rare plant populations and monitoring of rare plants.


Meet people and get the word out about Redbud and about native plants; even sell plants. Redbud does public outreach about native plants by setting up a table at appropriate public events. No need to be an expert, just friendly and helpful.

Tech and Admin Support for Chapter President

Help us reach our native plant people! Provide tech and administrative support for chapter president. Just a couple of hours per week, mostly from home. Tech support includes organizing Redbud files and email; facilitating communication with our members via social media, website updates, etc. Administrative support includes helping implement chapter reorganization and communicating with CNPS state office, other board members and committees.

Volunteer Co-Chair

Team up to coordinate recruitment, assignment, and recognition of volunteers for Redbud activities and projects. We do have a Volunteer Coordinator for plant sales. Develop and maintain annotated list of volunteer names and contact information, as well as list of prospective volunteers.

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