child's wooden red wagon filled with native plants in pots
Who can resist the enticement of the native plants at one of Redbud’s sales?

There’s something particularly enticing about a nursery or website dedicated to native plants or seeds for sale. Such sites hold the promise of beauty, ecological balance, and satisfaction to come. Here are places you can dream of, and purchase, the natives you’ve decided belong in your next project.

plants in 1-gallon pots ready for sale
Plants grown by a Redbud volunteer, ready for the Redbud Fall Native Plant Sale. Foreground: (left) Amorpha californica (false indigo), (right) Eriogonum grande v. rubescens (red buckwheat) Background: Lewisia cotyledon (cliff maids) and behind that Dicentra formosa (bleeding heart)
Redbud Chapter’s Native Plant Sales

Our Redbud Chapter holds our biggest plant sale of the year in the fall, usually in early October. In recent years, we’ve sold upwards of 2000 plants! Now that we have an online store that we open during sales, we’ve been holding our sale online, with in-person pickups. We’re also holding smaller plant sales occasionally throughout the year. See our plant sale page for details.

Other CNPS Chapter Sales

If you can’t find some plants you want via Redbud, note that Elderberry Farms, the nursery operated by the Sacramento chapter, has sales throughout the year. Each CNPS chapter has a fall plant sale, so you could check other chapters as well, depending on your needs and how far you’re willing to drive.

Native Plant Sources We Use for Our Plant Sales
Other Native Plant Sources

Farther Afield

  • East Bay Wilds – Oakland. Nursery owner, Pete Veilleux, is also a landscape designer, inspired container gardener with native plants, and propagator. He also collects and sells native seeds.
  • California Floral Nursery – Fulton (Sonoma County). Wide array of natives.
  • Las Pilitas Nursery – Santa Margarita. Their website has a wealth of information on gardening with California natives.
  • Sierra Valley Farms – Beckwourth
  • Tree of Life Nursery – San Juan Capistrano
  • (See Calscape for much larger list.)
Sources of Native-Plant Seeds
  • 40-50 round flattish brown seeds in bottom of cup; next to small container labeled s "Sulphur Pea"
    Every plant’s seeds look different; pea seeds, like these, are particularly large and easy to work with.

    Klamath-Siskiyou Native Seeds – Southern Oregon (Many plants native to the Siskiyous are also native to the Sierra).

  • Larner Seeds – Bolinas. Over 200 species of California wildflowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees.
  • SeedHunt – Pajaro Valley (central coast)
  • Sierra Seed Supply – Greenville (Plumas County). Robust selection of seeds of native wildflowers, shrubs, and trees.
  • Shilling Seed – Auburn, 530-268-3174. The major source of seed we sell at our plant sales.
  • Theodore Payne Foundation – Sun Valley. Seeds, plus excellent information on native wildflowers specifically and native plants in general.