Whether you’re new to garden with natives or long experienced and branching out into propagation or designing using plant communities, you’ll find material in our Gardening with Natives section.

We have many resources related to the benefits of using natives in your landscape and related topics, and on how to garden with natives successfully. Our Redbud Chapter has created many handouts to help people learn which native plants are good candidates for their landscape, their garden. Check out the following gardening-related topics.

Bright orange columbine with long yellow anthers hanging down

Columbine is local and easy to grow – with some water

Why Garden with Natives

What’s a native…or a local native? And what are the benefits of gardening with native plants?

orange poppies, white yarrows, purple penstemon make a vivid display
Penstemon, yarrow, and poppies make a vivid combination

Design and Selection

Planting lists for wildlife gardening, low-water gardens, firewise gardening, and more. Rainwater harvesting and other techniques.

6 1-gallon pots of 6-inch shrub with prickly leaves
Nevin’s barberry (Berberis nevinii) almost ready for the Redbud Plant Sale

Native Plant & Seed Sources

Nurseries, seed suppliers, and plant sales

person's hand holding clippers, pruning spent flowers off bush anemone
Knowing when and how to prune each native species makes a big difference

Growing Native Plants

Planting, growing, and pruning.

dozens of 4-inch pots with small native plants
Grow native plants from seeds or cuttings (and more) depending on species

Propagating Native Plants

Learn how to grow your own native plants successfully

yellow flowers on dark green stalks-Scotch broom
Scotch broom can spread quickly if not controlled

Invasive Plants & Weeds

Identifying and fighting invasive plants and other weeds

Latest news and stories about gardening with natives

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