Thank you for a successful Fall Native Plant Sale!

Fall is the best time to plant most native plants. In keeping with that, we’re gearing up to have a large selection available at our upcoming Redbud Fall Native Plant Sale! We’ll have hundreds and hundreds of plants, particularly locally native plants, as well as cultivars that do well here. Many have been propagated by our members and grown in our new Redbud CNPS Nursery. Others are coming from regional wholesale nurseries.

In light of significant surge in the covid-19 delta variant in our counties, our sale will take place online again, to help keep ourselves and our customers as safe as possible. Also, we’ve discovered through our experiences of the past year and a half that an online sale requires many fewer volunteers and has much lower expenses than a comparable in-person sale.

Sale Dates

From Wed., Sep 29 at 9 a.m. until Thu., Sep 30 at 5 p.m., the sale will be open just for members. Our online Redbud store will be open for viewing only once the sale begins. We will process orders in the sequence received. This process is designed to ensure fairness to all. Please do not ask for exceptions. You will need to pay for your order, via credit card only, at the time of sale.

We will check each order against our roster of current Redbud members. If you’re not a current member, your order cannot be processed. (Details following on how to let us know if you belong to another CNPS chapter.) If you do submit an order, it will be refunded and you will need to submit your order during the sale to the general public.

From 9 a.m. Friday, October 1 to 5 p.m. Saturday, October 2, our online Redbud store will be open to the general public (and members). It’s closed between the member sale and the sale to the general public, so we can catch up and get ready.

Tips for Shopping

Some species have sold out early in the past; we’ve tried to have more plants of those species. Nonetheless, as happens at many native-plant sales, some species for which we have only a few plants will sell out quickly. Our best advice is to make sure you’re a CNPS member, and, as they say, “shop early for best selection.”

Please be aware that plants in your cart aren’t reserved for you & can be purchased by other customers who check out before you do.

Make Sure You Can Shop as a Member

To assure you’re eligible for the members-only sale, check that your CNPS membership is current through October. You’ll find your membership “expiration date” on your membership card, at the back of your latest issue of Artemisia or Flora magazine in the upper left, or if you log in at the top of this page and check out “MyProfile.”

If you’re not a member now, or if your membership will expire before the end of October 2021, click the Join/Renew button at the top of this page as soon possible to allow time for processing your membership. Don’t wait until just a day or two before the sale! Forward your membership receipt to our Membership Chair, Diane Wetzel, by September 24 at the very latest. Please include your name and phone number in your email, and let us know if this is a new membership or a renewal.

Other member benefits include:

  • Subscription to Artemisia, a botanic journal, published two times a year
  • Subscription to Flora membership magazine, published four times a year

If you’re a CNPS member but not a member of the Redbud Chapter (Redbud isn’t listed as your primary or secondary chapter), and you’d like to shop at the Redbud fall sale as a member, and , please email an image of your CNPS membership card to by 5 p.m. on Friday, September 24, with permission to add you to our newsletter subscriber list (if you like).

If your membership is current but you have an updated email address, please let us know at by 5 p.m. on Friday, September 24.

Plant Pick-Up

As soon as you’ve purchased your plants, you’ll see the link where you should reserve a time to pick up your plants on October 8 or 9. Via that link, you’ll see the address where you’ll pick up your plants. Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

You must sign up for a time slot to pick up your plants; if you show up to get your plants without an appointment, they won’t be ready and you’ll disrupt the schedule for all! (If you have trouble with the sign-up process, please email with your available times.) We cannot ship or deliver plants. We’ll have signs out to make it easy to find. If you are unable to get your items on the appointed pick-up day or have any questions about the sale, please contact us at

Everyone at the site, volunteers and customers, will follow COVID-safety guidelines, including wearing masks at all times. See our customer COVID procedures.

Plant List

You can download our plant list for this sale. We encourage you to build a list of plants you want to purchase. You can use Calscape to find out more about these plants, and even to make plant lists for specific areas of your property and a plant list for the upcoming sale. For step-by-step directions on how to create plant lists in Calscape, see Step 4 in our downloadable guide, Using Calscape.

Also check our custom Calflora list, where you can click to find Calflora descriptions and photos. (Calflora focuses on plants that occur in nature, so they don’t have info on cultivars; for that, use Calscape, Las Pilitas or other native-plant websites.)

Overview of Plant Sale<br />
When the sale begins, we'll open our online Redbud store, where you will be able to see plant photos and find information about each species for sale, including cultivation requirements.

Overview of Plant Sale
When the sale begins, we'll open our online Redbud store, where you will be able to see plant photos and find information about each species for sale, including cultivation requirements.

Pictured here, a monarch butterfly visits the blooms of kotolo milkweed (Asclepias eriocarpa).