Our Board

You can always reach our board with questions, suggestions, or to get the agenda for an upcoming meeting. Email us, with “Redbud Board” in the subject line.


Leslie Warren

Vice President

Star Carroll


Carol Thompson


Jeanne Wilson

Members at Large

Seat 1: Pam Brillante

Seat 2: Lauren Almond

Committee Chairs

Our committees are organized into teams:

  • Exploration Team: Education, Field Trips, Ethnobotany, and Programs (and Events)
  • Stewardship Team: Horticulture, Nursery, Nursery Manager, Plant Sale, and Propagation
  • Conservation Team: Chapter Council Representative, Conservation Advocacy, and Rare Plants
  • Outreach Team: Membership, Publicity (incl. social media, website, and newsletter), Tabling, and Volunteer Recruitment

See below for names of committee chairs (and to see which positions are open). To volunteer for any committee, or to reach any committee chair, email us, with “Redbud Committee” in the subject line.

Book Sales

Julie Becker

Chapter Council Representative

Shane Hanofee

Alternate: Jeanne Wilson

Conservation Advocacy

Jeanne Wilson – Nevada County

Sue Stack – Placer County


Lindsey Rich


Amy Branum

Field Trips

Camille Noel




Diane Wetzel

Newsletter Editor

Doreen Fogle


Jeanne Wilson

Nursery Manager

Nancy Gilbert

Plant Sale

Jeanne Wilson, Nancy Gilbert, and Carol Thompson


Maureen Collins


Chrissy Freeman

Publicity includes social media, website, and newsletter.

Rare Plants

OPEN. We have several knowledgeable committee members.


Rob Katz (Nevada County)  & OPEN (Placer County)

Volunteer Coordinator

Board does volunteer recruitment. Carol Thompson does volunteer recruitment for plant sales.

Redbud Bylaws

Redbud Bylaws, as amended by membership vote on October 28 2023. Includes Redbud programmatic teams, with associated committees; responsibilities of team leaders and of committee chairs.

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