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The Redbud Chapter of the California Native Plant Society welcomes all native-plant lovers in Nevada and Placer counties. We are dedicated to exploring, educating, researching, and writing about the diversity and beauty of our native flora.

The Diversity of Where We Are

Placer and Nevada Counties are located on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada mountain range between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. Although these two counties represent only 1.5 percent of the land mass of California, 35 percent of its vascular plants are found here.

Our native plants grace the landscape in habitats from the Sacramento valley grasslands, through the foothills, oak woodlands, conifer forests, and mountain meadows, to the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. This land area encompasses a large variation in elevation, rainfall, and temperature. The snowmelt from the rugged peaks feeds into the Yuba, Bear, American and Rubicon Rivers with water to support the more populous areas of the state.

Our Mission

The California Native Plant Society, and the Redbud Chapter, are “dedicated to increasing the understanding and appreciation of California’s native plants, and to preserving them and their natural habitats for future generations.” We do this “through science, conservation advocacy, education, and horticulture…”

As part of our mission, the Redbud Chapter has researched, written and published two definitive guides covering over 700 wildflowers, shrubs and trees of Nevada and Placer Counties. A second edition of our Wildflowers book was published in Spring 2017. Those can be purchased from the CNPS store using the following links: Trees and ShrubsWildflowers

Our Activities

We learn, teach, protect, and advocate for local plants and habitats through our field trips and our active committees on rare plants, conservation, and education. Our grants to local schools and non-profits, and our scholarships to students and researchers, also advance these goals.

Our annual “Passionate about Native Plants” program series touches on a wide range of topics, including horticulture (growing plants), science (the physics of flora), and public issues (land-use management polices).

We hold two major plant sales a year, featuring native trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, sometimes bulbs. Our largest fall, in Fall, features primarily locally native plants grown by our propagation and nursery volunteers, with some popular cultivars and other plants from regional wholesale native-plant nurseries. Our spring sale focuses primarily on plants that are dormant by fall and on riparian plants, which can handle summer water. We also hold occasional sales, usually at other public events.

In our native propagation and nursery teams, we learn how to grow native plants, and we grow and exchange native seeds, bulbs, cuttings, and plants. Our ethnobotany group explores how indigenous peoples have used and cultivated native plants.

If you are a native plant, wildlife, and nature enthusiast, please join us! If you have questions or would like to be more involved, contact us at

Redbud Bylaws

Our Redbud Bylaws, as amended by membership vote on October 28 2023. Includes Redbud programmatic teams, with associated committees; responsibilities of team leaders and of committee chairs.

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