March 30, 2024

color blooming annuals and perennials in contrasting colors make a bright landscape
Colorful native perennials and annuals, with a background of swaying native grasses

Lawn to Native Landscape

March 30, 2023  1 p.m.

Location: Maidu Community Center, 1550 Maidu Dr, Roseville
(Please note: This is a different location in Roseville from the August presentation of this program.)

Presenters: Chrissy Freeman & Tece Markel

Save water, beautify your yard, and support our local birds and butterflies by converting your lawn to a native landscape! Learn how you can do this at a free public workshop.

Learn how to remove or reduce your lawn, and choose native plants that can thrive and enrich your new landscape. The program’s presenters will also share special insights about designing landscapes with native plants. See images of many locally native plants, even a native grass lawn, as well as native plant landscapes that were once just lawn.

Both Chrissy Freeman and Tece Markel are active in the Redbud Chapter, as well as members of Master Gardener programs.




      1. Chrissy

        I liked yo Maidu Community center in Roseville. The address on my GOD says 1550 Maidu Drive

        The class advertisement say 550 Maidu drive.

        Which is correct?

        Susan Terlecky

    1. We’d like to be able to offer this option, but it is more challenging. With a new tech volunteer, we are working on being able to do be able to offer in-person programs simultaneously on Zoom (and YouTube streaming). If we get this figured out before this program, we’ll post an update. Please check back. Thanks!

  1. Please check the address for this event. When I use my GOS for Maidu Community Center Roseville, the address that comes up is 1550 Maidu Dr.

    Susan Terlecky

    1. Sorry, no. If you know anyone who has experience in doing a Zoom session of a live program, please let us know!

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