May 17, 2023

black mason bee on yellow aster-family flower

Using Native Bees for Orchard Pollination

May 17, 2023  7 p.m.

Location: Auburn Library, 350 Nevada St, Auburn

Presenter: Steve Peterson, Ph.D.

Steve Peterson, Ph.D., runs Foothill Bee Ranch in Foresthill. He has many years of experience managing blue orchard bees and alfalfa leafcutting bees in a diversity of crops such as almonds, cherries, plums, strawberries, alfalfa seed, carrot seed, onion seed and lettuce seed. His bees are sourced from populations native to the Sierra foothills for use in California. Steve captivated his audience at the 2022 CNPS conference when he described his research on and experience with our native pollinator, the blue orchard bee.

In person at Auburn Library, 350 Nevada St, Auburn.

We hope to also make this available on Zoom. If you can help do a hybrid event, please contact Redbud.

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