Sept 21, 2022

Creating Bird-Friendly Landscapes

Sept 21, 2022 6 p.m.

Presenter: Nancy Gilbert

Online via Zoom and via YouTube Streaming

This PowerPoint presentation created by Nancy and Ames Gilbert includes many photos of birds interacting with native plants, as well as essential information on how to create bird-attracting gardens and landscapes. Also included are slides of native plants that provide multiple benefits to birds and other wildlife. Nancy and Ames will cover many topics, including:

• Essentials for Creating Good Bird Habitat: Food, water, protective cover and shelter, sentinel and preening perches, places and resources to rear young
• The benefits and drawbacks of feeding wild birds
• How to maximize nesting opportunities and birdhouse basics
• Ways to include all-important water features to your bird garden, and birdbath basics
• Getting to know your garden site through observation and research
• How to design your garden to create habitat diversity for maximum bird benefits
• Dangers birds face and how to help mitigate these hazards in your garden and landscapes
• Why incorporating at least 70 percent native plants in your bird garden is essential for the birds
• Detailed information, with photos, of some of the most useful and durable native plants for including in your bird-friendly garden

Nancy Gilbert has a MS degree in Science Education from the University of Iowa and has worked as a naturalist, environmental educator and classroom teacher, landscape designer and consultant, and landscape architect/project manager for the U.S. Air Force. She and her husband owned and ran a California native bulb nursery (Far West Bulb Farm) for 25 years.

Nancy has served as the Redbud Chapter of CNPS (California Native Plant Society) Education Chair, the Horticulture Chair, and now is active in the Redbud Nursery Steering Committee. She also is a committee member for our Redbud Chapter plant sales. Nancy was a member of the Redbud editorial review committee that produced our two chapter books, Wildflowers of Nevada and Placer Counties, California, Second Edition, and Tree and Shrubs of Nevada and Placer Counties, California. Some of her favorite pastimes are gardening, birdwatching and photographing wildlife and native flora interactions.

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