March 31, 2022

Title: How To Find And Name New Plant Species
Presenter: Julie Kierstead
Date and time: March 31,2022 6 p.m.

Pro Tip — If it doesn’t key out or match any of the descriptions, maybe it’s not in the book…yet!

The rate of new species discovery and publication in California has not declined for a very long time. There are still new plants to find in all parts of the state! Julie Kierstead will discuss how new species are discovered, giving examples from her own experiences in northern California and the recent experiences of others. She’ll discuss more promising locations for finding new species, how to determine if you’ve found a new species, the steps in naming a new species, and who decides if the new species is valid.

This process can be daunting, especially the first time, when you lack confidence at every step. Julie will present some ways to smooth the process and increase the fun, drawing on her varied experiences, from the first one (Vaccinium shastense), which took 25 years from discovery to publication, to much more streamlined cases in recent years, ranging from a huckleberry to a maidenhair fern to geophytes.

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