March 9 2022

Adela flammeusella nectaring on Triteleia hyacinthina photo by David Rosen

Adela Moths and Native Plants

Al Ludtke

March 9 2022 – 6pm

Several years ago Al Ludtke and Lisa Couper set out to learn about the Fairy Moths, aka Longhorn Moths – because of their unusually long antennae, of California. Al has a bachelor’s degree in entomology from UC Davis. He has been studying butterflies and moths since the age of 12. He has a moth named after him for the contributions he has made towards the study of Lepidoptera. Lisa is a veterinarian by trade. She is an avid nature lover, an astute observer and an accomplished nature photographer. As of last year they have been able to photographically document the oviposition of all eight of the described California species. They believe that they have discovered at least one new species and will briefly present the evidence for that, including photos, as for the other species. They have learned a lot about the moths along the way and would like to share with you the implications of what they have learned as it pertains to the evolutionary history of the host plants of the Adelids and vice versa. Al will deliver a presentation of the plants the moths utilize and close-ups of the moths on their plants. Most of the photos in the presentation are by Lisa, but others have also contributed. They hope to instill in you some of the appreciation they have for these delightful day-flying moths as you go about your botanizing and to encourage you to contribute to the body of scientific knowledge by reporting your observations. Opportunity abounds with these widespread and common but little studied moths to discover new things never before observed. The reports need not be formal – just post them to iNaturalist or email to Al. But even if you don’t report your findings, you’re sure to be be charmed by the moths you’ll learn more about in this presentation.


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Adela cf. flammeusella on its host Diplacus torreyi photo by Lisa Couper

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