July 5, 2021: Scott’s Flat

blue-black round smooth berries on green bush

After-Work Field Trip at Scott’s Flat, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Join up for a last-minute romp at this cute little area with Sierra huckleberry, lots of wilted Western azalea flowers, and a bunch of other gems. I did not see any lilies in bloom, but there is a Sidalcea that we need to identify! As we leave I hope to see the soap roots open their evening blooms.

Please sign in advance the waiver online. Waivers are mandatory, but I will also have a paper backup on-site. Though the online waiver system, we’ll be limiting attendance on outings as we all seek a balance between health/comfort and shared botanical explorations.

We will meet at 5 p.m. just outside the NID campground at Scott’s Flat Reservoir, along Scott’s Flat Road just before the intersection with Casci Road. If you’re late, you can find us meandering down the dirt trail into the moist grassland, and then along the lake-side trail heading westward. Feel free to bring some dinner along, or if we finish early people might want to wander off in the same direction to a local eatery together to share plant stories.

Off-pavement parking along Scott’s Flat Road is available (but no parking on Casci), and there is ample parking in the day use area with a $14/vehicle fee.

Trip leader: Theo Fitanides

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