December 15, 2020

Intro to iNaturalist – A Meeting of Nature Journaling, Identification, and Citizen Science

Presenter: Shane Hanofee

Virtual Event 6pm December 15 2020

Join us on Zoom or Youtube to learn how to use the website to keep track of all of the wild organisms you encounter, get identification help from an active community of experts, and contribute to various scientific studies at the same time! Learn how the website and mobile app offer different purposes. Learn some tips and tricks for improving your chances of getting positive identifications of your observations and how to utilize various features of the site to learn about our native plants and more! Learn how to contribute to projects and provide data for scientists all around the world. If you’ve ever been curious about iNaturalist and wondered what its all about or if you are a current user who wants to learn how to improve their experience with the site, this is the event for you!

Shane Hanofee is a botanist living in Nevada County with an obsession with iNaturalist. He has made nearly 7,000 observations of over 1,800 species in the last two years alone. He is the top ranked observer of plants in Nevada, Yuba, and Sierra counties. (#50 in California as a whole) He is also the top ranked observer of fungi in Nevada and Placer counties. (#38 in California overall) He has contributed nearly 8,500 identifications.


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