September 17, 2020

people sitting in chairs, attending public meeting

Putting Passion into Action: Advocating for What We Love

Presenter: Leslie Warren, Redbud Conservation Advocacy Co-Chair

Virtual Event, Wednesday, September 17, 7 pm (Postponed from Sep. 9 because of PSPS)

Decisions made by our local elected officials impact our lives significantly. Leslie will talk about how decisions—particularly land-use decisions—are made and how citizen participation and advocacy can inform those decisions to reduce adverse impacts. She will share many ways you can enter the public participation process! Together you’ll look at a single project and talk about citizens can effect change related to that project. We’ll get your feedback and insights for ACTION going forward!

Leslie will be referencing the work of environmental scientist and author Doug Tallamy. She recommends that, if you can, you watch ahead of time the video of “Restoring Nature’s Relationships,” a presentation he gave to the 2018 CNPS Conservation Conference.

Leslie is a 35-year resident of Placer County. She was educated at UC Berkeley and USC. She has advanced degrees in Environmental Management, Public Administration and International Agriculture. She has served on the Placer Arts, Planning, and Charter Review Commissions. She works locally and internationally on land use, conservation, and social justice issues.

This event is part of the Redbud Chapter’s “Grow with Redbud” – an Online Festival of California Native Plants! Festival runs August 22 – September 23. (More information about the festival at

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