September 12, 2020

meadow filled with Camas in bloom

Botanizing Nevada and Placer Counties

Presenter: Shane Hanofee

Virtual Program: Saturday, Sep 12, noon

Throughout 2020, Shane has traveled far and wide in Nevada and Placer Counties, exploring just about every habitat and ecotype that exists in our area and documenting his discoveries on iNaturalist and Calflora. Through his pictures, he will take us on a journey through our fascinating plant communities, from the valley floor to the east side of the Sierra. He’ll share tidbits of information and detail the assemblages of flora that make up each one, including notable finds of rare plants, native plants with anomalous coloration, and populations of plants never before documented in our counties.

Shane Hanofee is a self-taught botanist who specializes in the flora of Nevada and Placer Counties. He wears many hats for the Redbud Chapter including President-elect, Web Editor, and Chapter Council Delegate. In addition, he chairs or co-chairs many committees including the Plant Sale, Field Trips as well as running Redbud’s social media presence. He produced a series of virtual hikes for Redbud in the spring and summer of 2020 which can be found on the chapter youtube channel. He works as a Botany Technician in Northern California and grows natives at his home nursery for the Redbud Fall Plant Sale.
He lives in Grass Valley, CA with his wife Ashley and their dog, Camus and two cats, Kafka and Bertie.

This event is part of the Redbud Chapter’s “Grow with Redbud” – an Online Festival of California Native Plants! Festival runs August 22 – September 23. (More information about the festival at

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