August 26, 2020

The Wild Forager — Gathering the Abundance of Nature Through Stewardship

Presenters: Matt and Rachel Berry.

Virtual event. August 26th 2020 7 pm

A culture of land stewardship is the premise of a healthy, balanced landscape. We will look at ways to enhance plant biodiversity and how to gather and process abundant plants sustainably. We will cover how to identify some key edible plants and discuss the superior nutritional values typically found in wild food. We’ll also discuss regulations around collecting and strategies for expanding your foraging opportunities.

Matt teaches ethnobotany, concurrently working for the U.S. Forest Service as a seasonal botanist. Rachel is a passionate herbalist and teaches wildcraft.

This event is part of the Redbud Chapter’s “Grow with Redbud” – an Online Festival of California Native Plants! Festival runs August 22 – September 23. (More information about the festival at


Download handout for Matt and Rachel’s program

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