August 22-September 23 2020

tall meadow grasses with flowering orange poppies and purple penstemon

Grow with Redbud: An Online Festival of California’s Native Plants!

Programs, presentations, chapter meeting, and a game!

All events online, free, & open to the public

Want to enjoy the company of others who love native plants as much as you do? Learn more about native plants, no matter what your knowledge level? Dig deeper into actions that really help native plants maintain California’s magnificent biodiversity? Come enjoy the “Grow with Redbud” festival, a month-long array of online events hosted by our Redbud Chapter of the California Native Plant Society (CNPS).

From August 22 through September 23, we’ll share outstanding speakers, programs, an action-oriented chapter meeting, and even a fun native plant-oriented game. All events will be virtual, simultaneously on Zoom and YouTube Live stream.

Our series kicks off Saturday August 22 at 12 noon with keynote speaker, CNPS Executive Director Dan Gluesenkamp, talking about where Redbud and you fit in the bold new vision of CNPS “Everything’s Changing So Fast: An Update.” Dan’s talk will explore the urgency and opportunities for real action that brings enduring improvements. Topics will include updates on the ambitious new California Biodiversity Initiative, the Habitat Revolution, and the power of beauty and hope.

At this event, we’ll also kick off Redbud Treasure Hunt Bingo, a combination treasure hunt/bingo game that continues throughout the festival; each bingo tile represents an activity related to native plants. Have fun! Do stuff! Maybe even win!

Other programs are on Saturdays at noon and Wednesdays at 7 pm. (Each mtg opens 15 minutes before program begins.) They include:
* Wed. Aug 26, 7 p.m. “The Wild Forager — Gathering Array of greens and mushrooms in various baskets, cleaned and ready for meal preparationthe Abundance of Nature Through Stewardship.” Matt and Rachel Berry will look at ways to enhance plant biodiversity and how to identify, gather and process abundant plants sustainably.
* Wed. Sep 2, 7 p.m. “Learning Even More About Your Favorite Local Native Plants Using Calflora.” Cynthia Powell, Executive Director of Calflora (a non-profit wild plant data clearinghouse for California), shares how to use their site to learn about our regional plants. She’ll also show us how to use other Calflora tools.
* Sat., Sep 12, noon. “Botanizing Nevada and Placer Counties.” This year, Shane Hanofee has traveled far and wide across our counties exploring just about every habitat and ecotype they offer. He’ll take us on a photographic and botanical journey through plant communities from the valley floor to the Eastern Sierra.
* Wed., Sep 16, 7 p.m. Redbud Chapter Meeting. Getting up to date on Redbud activities, including the October virtual plant sale, conservation and advocacy opportunities in Nevada and Placer Counties, and announcing winners of our festival-long Grow with Redbud Treasure Hunt
* Wed., Sep 17, 7 p.m. “Putting Passion into Action: Advocating for What We Love.” (Postponed from Sep 9 because of PSPS.) Leslie Warren. Decisions made by our local elected officials impact our lives significantly. Leslie will talk about how decisions—particularly land-use decisions—are made and how citizen participation and advocacy can inform those decisions to reduce adverse impacts. She will share many ways you can enter the public participation process!
* Sat. Sep 19, noon. “What Makes Native Gardening Special?” Chrissy Freeman, Redbud member and Master Gardener, explores how gardening with California native plants differs from gardening with regular nursery plants, from ecological benefits to landscape opportunities to gardening best practices.
* Wed. Sep 23, 7 p.m. “Rainwater Harvesting and Rainscaping Strategies for Healthy Watersheds.” Nancy (our horticulture chair) and Ames Gilbert (also a long-time active volunteer) will present best practices for how to store and harvest rainwater; and strategies to slow, spread and sink rainfall and stormwater runoff. They’ll also share appropriate native plants for related ecosystems.

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