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The CNPS Redbud Chapter champions the native plants of Placer and Nevada counties. We are one of 35 statewide chapters working to protect and celebrate California’s native plants.  We invite you to get to know us at our meetings, field trips, and other fun events. It’s a great way to learn about your local flora, make a difference, and have fun!

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Events and Field Trips

From hikes and rare plant treasure hunts to gardening workshops, learn about different ways to get involved.

Gardening with Natives

Get inspiration and helpful information from our local native horticulture experts.

Native Plant 101

Learn the facts about native plants, including what plants grow here in Placer and Nevada counties.

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In 2022, you won’t have to wait until Fall to get more native plants through Redbud! Our online store will make this possible.

Having successfully sold approximately 1400 plants online at our Fall Native Plant Sale, plus our Redbud books and other merchandise, we are excited about the prospect of offering more opportunities for folks to take home new native plants throughout the year.

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Did you know?

California is a biodiversity hotspot. Our golden state has more native plant species than any other state in the nation. A third of those species are found nowhere else on Earth!

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