CNPS MISSION/STRATEGIC/PROGRAM TOUCHPOINTS: Advocacy, Stewardship, Save, Enhance, Restore.


Local Action

Dudleya stolonifera Conservation

The Laguna Beach Dudleya is found only in Orange County. It is our chapter mascot and is under conservation protection. Photos above by Ron Vanderhoff. For more info…
5-Year Review, USFW, 2021 
Poaching Status, Vanderhoff, 2022 Description

Emergent Invasive Plants

OC CNPS’ Emergent Invasive Plant Program is especially focused on Emergent Invasive Plant detection, reporting and management. Our program performs extensive prioritization of invasive plants in and around Orange County that are newly discovered, still small populations, and are environmental threats. Such populations are amenable to being quickly removed and prevented from spreading.

CNPS State Action

Statewide CNPS Conservation Program

The CNPS statewide Conservation Program is involved with major issues such as Forestry, Desert Conservation, Fire, Climate Change, and Important Plant Areas.

CNPS Policies +

Policies, Positions, Statements, Guidelines, and Protocols.
CNPS provides clear, science-based rationale for Conservation actions and recommendations. These are built using a consistent program policy development process.

I do not intend that our natural resources shall be exploited by the few against the interests of the many.

– Theodore Roosevelt