2024 May 5 Field Trip – Hot Springs Canyon


Field Trip – Hike
Hot Springs Canyon
Sunday May 5, 2024


 Warning! Parts of Ortega Hwy are indicated as closed this morning May 5th. 

This trail reaches into one of the least explored and beautiful canyons in the Santa Ana Mountains and is a great experience for any who have an interest in Orange County’s botanic and geological features.


HIKE:  Hot Springs Canyon is a wonderful hike located near the peak of Ortega highway. The trail starts from just past the Falcon Group Campsite and follows the southern contours of Mt. Pinos. We will follow the trail for about 1 mile, ending at the first waterfall of the canyon. Past this point the trail becomes much more dangerous and at some points requires climbing equipment. This is a moderately difficult trail and there are a few spots where the path is flanked by a 10+ foot drop to the rocky streambed. Participants should be very confident in their hiking abilities.

FLORA:  This trail is host to a wide array of chaparral and oak woodland species, along with a few rarities including Dudleya Viscida and Berberis dictyota. There is also a plethora of fern species including California Polyploidy and Giant Chain Fern. Based on the rain we’ve had so far this year, the fern showing should be good.

REGISTRATION WAIVER-SIGN: To participate in this event, register here using the waiversign app.


  1. Where When:  We will meet at the trailhead located just past the entrance to Falcon Group Campground at 9 AM. Map View.
  2. Parking Pass:  A National Forest Day Pass is required to park here. It is 5$ and can be easily purchased at the following link: https://www.recreation.gov/sitepass/74407?q=Cleveland%20National%20Forest%20Digital%20Pass
  3. Ability:  Participants should be very confident in their hiking abilities.
  4. Field Trip Leader: Jonathan R.