Conservation Update, 2015 Nov | SCAG, Forest Plans

CNPS/OCCNPS has been asked to join the six-county-wide SCAG Environmental Coalition that OC Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks is coordinating. Over 20 organizations across SCAG’S region already support this effort.

The Coalition’s purpose is to ensure that SCAG’s (Southern California Association of Governments) Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)/Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) for 2016 includes innovative and meaningful conservation policies. The Strategy does now include a Natural Lands Preservation component, which finally puts Conservation at the forefront of regional planning!

I am CNPS/OCCNPS’ acting point person to the Coalition. Preferably at least one alternate, for scheduling flexibility, will come from one or more of the 8 CNPS Chapters in SCAG’s region.

Participants in the Coalition will:

• Be a point of contact for the effort;

• Be invited to sign on to support letters for the policies;

• Be invited to speak during SCAG meetings to support the policies; and

• Get up-to-date information from FHBP on the policies as the process unfolds.

State CNPS has long desired that Chapters engage in RTP/SCS processes as they cycle through CA’s 18 Metro Planning Organizations (SCAG, SANDAG, SACOG, etc.). CNPS members with knowledge of botanical priority protection areas within an RTP area can bring that information into the SCS process.

For more about SCAG, see:

Accomplishments of the 2012 Plan are detailed at: This site includes numerous maps and much information.

The 2016 Plan is due to be issued soon, stay tuned.

FOREST PLAN REVISIONS:  CNPS is part of a coalition of environmental groups who meet regularly with USFS Region 5 staff directing the development of Forest Plan revisions for the Inyo, Sequoia, and Sierra National Forests. The DEIS for the 3 forests is scheduled to be published in November or December and CNPS will be submitting comments. Currently, about 80% of potential wilderness areas that could be considered for such designation are not included on the list to be so considered, and a clear rationale for limiting the list is lacking.

ACTION NOW:  If you are familiar with any of these national forests, please comment on the plan revisions at: The more the Supervisors of these 3 Sierra Nevada NFs hear from the people, the more they’ll know we care.

— Celia Kutcher, Conservation Chair

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