We are here to support you in your journey gardening with native plants! Several of our chapter members have ripped out their boring old lawns and replaced them with a diversity of local natives! Explore this page and the different resources linked to learn more about how to garden with natives.

Why plant natives?

  1. Drought tolerant
  2. Supports wide variety of wildlife
  3. Beautiful!

Depending on where you live you may qualify for rebates when converting your lawn to a native garden. Make sure to figure this out before you start the renovation process!

Dont pay for expensive dyed mulch from the store! Contact local tree trimming companies or go to a website like Mulch Drop. They are more then willing to drop off a load of freshly ground tree trimming and mulch. This stuff is so much better for your yard and the wildlife it supports.

Where to find native plants
Clarkia biloba

Statewide information

Visit the state CNPS website for amazing resources on starting and caring for your garden.

Narrow leaf mule ears

Find local native plants

Find the perfect native plants for your garden in just 4 questions with our Calscape garden planner.

Rawhide Hill Onion (Allium tuolumnense)

Bloom! California

This statewide campaign aims to increase native plant sales throughout our state’s built environment.