Welcome to our Gardening Page: Embrace the Beauty of California Native Plants in the North San Joaquin Valley!

Are you ready to embark on a captivating journey through the world of gardening with native plants? At the NSJV chapter, we are your trusted companions in exploring the diverse wonders of local natives. Many of our passionate chapter members have already traded in their mundane lawns for a vibrant tapestry of native flora. Join us on this exhilarating adventure, as we delve into the myriad benefits of gardening with native plants and discover the rich ecosystem of the North San Joaquin Valley.

Why Choose Native Plants?

1. Drought Tolerant: Native plants are champions of water efficiency, perfectly adapted to thrive in our region’s challenging climate conditions. By choosing them for your garden, you can significantly reduce your water usage and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

2. Supports a Wide Variety of Wildlife: Native plants are not only beautiful but also act as natural magnets for local wildlife. You’ll be amazed by the diverse range of birds, butterflies, and beneficial insects that will grace your garden when you plant natives.

3. Aesthetic Marvels: Native plants offer a stunning array of colors, shapes, and textures, ensuring your garden will be a visual delight throughout the year. Whether you’re captivated by the delicate blossoms of spring or the fiery foliage of fall, native plants have something for every season.

Lawn Conversion Rebates: A Green Incentive

Are you contemplating transforming your conventional lawn into a thriving native garden oasis? Don’t miss our informative blog post on available rebates for lawn conversions. Depending on your location, you may qualify for financial incentives to help you make the switch. Make sure to explore this option before commencing your garden renovation journey!

Sheet Mulching: Sustainable Gardening Made Easy

For a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to nurture your native plants, consider sheet mulching. Instead of spending on expensive dyed mulch from stores, connect with local tree trimming companies or visit websites like Chip Drop. These companies are more than willing to deliver freshly ground tree trimmings and mulch to your doorstep. Not only is this mulch superior for your yard, but it also provides essential support for local wildlife.

Creating Your Native Plant Garden

Ready to start your own native plant garden? Here’s how:

1. Educate Yourself: Begin by exploring the wealth of information available on our statewide website. You’ll find comprehensive resources, plant profiles, and expert tips to guide you in selecting, planting, and caring for native species. See the links below for more information.

2. Local Inspiration: Visit nearby native plant gardens like La Loma Native Garden and the Great Valley Museum to witness the beauty and diversity of California’s native flora firsthand. These gardens serve as living showcases of what you can achieve in your own backyard.

As you embark on your journey to garden with California native plants, let us be your source of inspiration and knowledge. Together, we can transform the North San Joaquin Valley into a haven of vibrant, sustainable, and wildlife-friendly gardens. Join us today and discover the beauty and wonder of gardening with natives!

Clarkia biloba

Statewide information

Visit the state CNPS website for amazing resources on starting and caring for your garden.

Narrow leaf mule ears

Find local native plants

Find the perfect native plants for your garden in just 4 questions with our Calscape garden planner.

Rawhide Hill Onion (Allium tuolumnense)

Bloom! California

This statewide campaign aims to increase native plant sales throughout our state’s built environment.

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