Oak Tree Species in Our Area

Oak Tree Species in Our Area

Oak trees are key plants in our valley habitats. Both evergreen and deciduous varieties occur in the Central Valley and can be distinguished if you know a few of their characteristics. Generally, leaf and acorn shapes  are key to recognizing the species. Here are six oak species to compare.  See if you recognize each by name.


Three are deciduous and three are evergreen.

Black oak and valley oak leaves are lobed, one with rounded lobes and the other is more pointy. Their acorns are quite different, one is long and narrow and the other shorter. Live oak leaves often are thick and glossy often with spiny edges.  The edges are variable, however. Size and shape of their acorns help to identify interior and coastal live oak varieties. So, which picture above matches these names: black oak, valley oak, blue oak, canyon live oak, interior live oak, and coast live oak? (Quercus kelloggi, Quercus lobata, Quercus douglasii, Quercus chrysolepis, Quercus wislizenii, Quercus agrifolia )

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