Turf Replacement Rebate Programs in the North San Joaquin Valley

Turf Replacement Rebate Programs in the North San Joaquin Valley

by: Cynthia Typaldos


Some water utility providers in our chapter’s area offer rebates for residents and businesses removing their lawns aka turf. In order to be eligible for the rebate, the application must be submitted and approved before lawn removal begins. In the case of Modesto, where I live, the city came out and took before replacement photos. Don’t let the lawn go dead – apply first!

It’s a patchwork of organizations that offer these rebates so you will need to find the one specific to your area. Take a look to see who your water company is, then visit their website for information.

The information below is incomplete but will give you a good start in discovering, or not, the turf replacement program rebate that applies to you.

Additionally, when attempting to convince family and neighbors to remove their lawns, this financial incentive could help.

Here is a partial list of the rebate programs offered in some of our cities. 

Below are municipalities where I could not find a program on their website, but I could have overlooked it.  Or there may be a program through their water service provider. 

  • City of Atwater
  • City of Denair
  • City of Livingston
  • City of Lodi
  • City of Los Banos
  • City of Merced
  • City of Newman
  • City of Oakdale
  • South San Joaquin Irrigation District
  • County of Stanislaus
  • City of Stockton

Definitive no 

  • City of Turlock – no landscape rebate program yet (confirmed with an employee)

As a comparison, when I previously lived in the SF Bay Area the water district offered $2/sq.ft. and my city matched it for a total of $4/sq.ft. (I don’t know if these amounts are still being offered.)

Other comparisons 

  1. City of Las Vegas (Las Vegas Water District) – $3/sq.ft. up to 10,000 sq.ft. (that’s $30K!) and then $1.50sq.ft. over that for residences
  2. City of Sacramento Turf Conversion Rebate – $1.50/sq.ft. up to $3K for residences
  3. City of Los Angeles (Los Angeles Department of Water and Power) -$3/sq.ft. up to 5,000sq.ft. for a max of $15K for residences

Please send me any updates or observations and I will publish a revised version online.

Cynthia Typaldos

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