Time for a Fall Lawn Replacement 

Time for a Fall Lawn Replacement 

If you are considering replacing your thirsty lawn with a drought tolerant ground cover, fall is a good time to do it. 

Here are two options using native plants: 

1) Lippia nodiflora (Phyla nodiflora)is a low growing evergreen that sprawls to  form a mat. 

It is drought tolerant and low maintenance. Small round flower heads will  attract native pollinators and add a bit of color. This plant is so hardy you  can take cuttings and put them in the ground with a little water and they will  soon take off. 

It is a fast grower with dense growth to about 3” much like a lawn, but it  doesn’t need mowing. 

Another asset, you can walk on it. 

2) Salvia gracias or creeping sage is a ground cover sage is an evergreen plant  with a creeping habit that stays low to the ground, about 6” and adds a  pleasant smell to the landscape. 

Its leaves are grayish, adding a color contrast to most landscapes. It requires no  fertilizer or chemicals. 

It produces bluish flowers on short spikes that attract pollinators. This plant is  hardy, being drought tolerant and low maintenance. It prefers a sunny exposure.  It is not as suitable for walking on as it develops woody stems over time. 

It would be a good choice around rock beds as well. It blooms in May.

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