Spring 2020 Native Plant Sale!

The twice yearly plant sales hosted by the Napa Valley Chapter of the CNPS are the biggest botanical events of the year!


Skyline Park, 2201 Imola Ave, Napa CA, 94559

All current members receive 10% off during the entire sale!

Free admission to Skyline Park during the Sale.


Native plants will:

  • Thrive without fertilizer or pesticides.
  • Sustain our indigenous wildlife better than non-native plants by giving butterflies not only nectar, but a host plant for their caterpillars, and birds the right kinds of berries and insects at the right time of year.
  • Improve air quality by removing and storing carbon deep in their extensive root systems.
  • Allow you to retire your lawn mower and use less fossil fuel, if you use them to replace your lawn.
  • Hold onto water if it is a deep rooted specimen, and actually help replenish the groundwater.
  • Offer you a glorious display of color and life that reflects the seasons.

If you want just one or a whole garden’s assortment of native plants, this is your chance to choose from a wide variety. All specimens are labeled, and an expert or an experienced volunteer will be on hand to help you with your selections and to answer your questions. All proceeds benefit maintenance of the Martha Walker California Habitat Garden and the programs of CNPS.

Let’s bring habitat-rich plants to all Napa Valley gardens! 


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