Bryological Chapter Presentation


Willis Lynn Jepson Chapter CNPS – Solano College Horticulture Club Joint Meeting


12 August 2019 (Monday) 6:15 pm

Solano College Biology Laboratory


Bryophytes  —  What are They? And, Why Should I Care?

Join Dr. Stephen Rae, Curator of Bryology at UCD, to figure out what are those little plants in the dirt, on the rocks and stuck to trees around Solano County. Often overlooked, these County residents have been around longer than the flowering plants you focus on in the Horticulture Club! And, if you thought that flowering plants forced you to learn many new terms, bryophytes have a jargon all their own. Come see examples collected nearby. There will be a quiz at the end of the talk, with prizes! But, no grade.


Dr. Stephen P. Rae, Ph.D.

Curator of Bryology

Center for Botanical Diversity (Herbarium)

University of California, Davis

Chapter Delegate,

Napa Valley Chapter CNPS

Member, Bryological Chapter

Member, Napa Valley Chapter


Napa Valley native, educated at UC Davis with an emphasis on plant ecology and bryology, Stephen has spent 53 years studying the mosses of California. He also was Senior Environmental Planner for Napa County (1973-1978) and Plant Ecologist/Senior Environmental Specialist for CA Dept of Fish and Game (1978-2002). He was in the original CNPS Rare Plant Project and developed the Endangered/Plant Program for DFG. Now a member of two CNPS Chapters (Napa Valley and Bryophytes). Retired since 2002, Stephen returned to UCD to complete his doctorate (2006) focused on mosses within the Napa River watershed.

SPR: 2 April 2019 (707-287-0248)  stephen.rae(at)

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