Plants of the Upper Feather River Watershed

Announcing a hands-and-eyes-on field course — an experiential exploration of the botanical and ecological diversity of the northern Sierra Nevada

Floral pastels reveling gaily in summer zephyrs, a water ouzel dashing and dipping through icy cascades, gaggles of cobra lilies, heads rearing from the muck, vividly emergent crimson snow plant sentinels, elephant-heads in herds placidly foraging sodden Sierran savannas, the whispered indigo incantations of monkshood – these are among myriad fond recollections of days spent in awe and happiness amidst the splendorous gardens of the northern Sierra Nevada.  I humbly invite you to share with me the effervescent spirituality of this wonderful land, perchance to provoke inspiration, laughter, and camaraderie, and not least, to frolic with joy.

When: June 23 through June 29, 2019

Where: Plumas County, CA – University of California Forestry Camp, Meadow Valley

Description: This introductory course explores the floristic and vegetational diversity of northern Sierra Nevada ecosystems.  Course topics include identification of major vegetation types of the region, along with instruction in plant identification and general ecology.  Course fees include meals and lodging – transportation is not included.

This course is not accredited nor affiliated with any educational institution. Instruction will be alternately detailed and casual, and will promote individually paced learning – no tests or grading.  In addition to course content, students will be encouraged to devote time and thought to artistic expression, scientific study, or other appropriate means to communicate personal experience melded with ecological consciousness.

Instructor: Peter Warner has over 30 years experience as an educator and botanical consultant, with many classes taught in addition to personal forays into the Sierra Nevada.

Further information: Peter Warner:; (707) 666-9071.

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