Douglas’ Phacelia (Phacelia douglasii)

The PLANTS of MONTEREY COUNTY, an Illustrated Field Key, Second Edition
by Mary Ann Matthews and Michael Mitchell; published in November 2015.

The second edition is updated to reflect all the current botanical science, yet retains the drawings, clear format and ease of use of the original edition.

No book is free from errors and, in addition, the field of taxonomy is constantly changing. Click here to see updates and corrections.

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Chapter Exclusive!

Monterey County Wildflowers – a Field Guide
by Rod M Yeager, MD & Michael Mitchell; published in December 2016.

This field guide covers about 950 plant taxa in Monterey County. Multiple photographs, arranged by family in color groups, illustrate virtually all the plants and are accompanied by brief descriptions to help identify and differentiate them from others that may appear similar.

Currently available at The Bookworks, River House Books, Pilgrim’s Way and for $29.95. You can also order directly from the chapter for $23.95 (plus tax & shipping). Contact for details.

by David Styer: published in 2019.

Flora of Fort Ord, Monterey County, California is the distillation of over 145,000 records amassed by the author over a 15 year period which detail his observations of the plants  found in Fort Ord. Every plant found in Fort Ord is covered, in most cases accompanied by a map showing its distribution within Fort Ord and a “bloom graph” drawn from the records to show the taxon’s blooming pattern. Comments are made about each taxon, some brief and some more extensive, especially where the taxon is of particular interest.

The book will of interest to anyone with a serious interest in the flora of  Monterey County.

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