Online resources

Waltham Creek Clarkia (Clarkia modesta)

A tremendous amount of botanical information is now available online, on the internet, and through email discussion forums. These resources include The Wallflower, the chapter’s bimonthly newsletter (named in honor of a local endemic plant, Menzies’ Wallflower, Erysimum menziesii), and the Local Plant Checklists produced for a number of areas across the county. Set out below are links to a number of other online resources that provide the best available information about the local flora and how to further the preservation and conservation of the native flora and plant communities in our area.

The Plant Info & ID page has details of which is explicitly designed to assist in identifying a particular plant found in the county. Others sites, like have extensive information about all of the plants found in California as well as links to a number of other useful websites. Others, like the Jepson Online Interchange and Jepson eFlora have a wealth of invaluable information but are more useful to those with some familiarity with botanical terminology and the use of botanical keys.