Local Plants

Looking towards the Diablo Range from Highway 25
Beach Layia (Layia carnosa)

Plant Information & Identification

Identifying unfamiliar plants can be challenging. MB-CNPS has published or assisted in the preparation of a variety of materials which help in this process.

Diablo Range Hare-leaf (Lagophylla diaboloensis)

Plant Checklists

Our chapter members have created plant lists for 33 local natural areas, including regional parks, county parks, state parks, and a few trails within the Los Padres National Forest.

Menzies’ Wallflower (Erysimum menziesii)

Endemic Plants

The diverse geologic history and climatic conditions of Monterey county have created a mosaic of isolated and specialized environments, which contribute to the evolution of locally endemic plants.

Jolon Clarkia (Clarkia jolonensis)

Online Resources

A tremendous amount of botanical information is now available on the internet, and through email discussion forums. This page provides links to a number of online resources that provide extensive information about the local flora and the preservation and conservation of the native flora and plant communities.

Gardening with Natives

The chapter’s horticulture group is focused on growing native plants both for pleasure and also for sale at the chapter’s annual fall plant sale and a spring earth day sale.  It meets every Friday at MEarth in Carmel Valley.

Sandmat Manzanita (Arctostaphylos pumila)

Native Plant Gardens

Growing native plants in landscapes can save water, lower maintenance, reduce pesticides, invite wildlife, support local ecology, and connect people to nature. The Monterey Bay area boasts several beautiful gardens designed to showcase the ecological and horticultural value of local native plants.