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The Pinnacles – Bitterroot (Lewisia rediviva var. r.)

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Wednesday, May 6
Limekiln State Park Trails – CNPS Members Only                               

The drive is a long one but, oh, so beautiful! On this CNPS  members only event, we’ll hike in-and-out trails beside gorgeous creeks with numerous waterfalls, clear pools, red-woods, sycamores, maples, ferns, redwood sorrel, huckle-berries, stream orchids, etc. ±4 miles with ±650 feet ascent. Bring water, lunch, and a few dollars for the park entrance fee. Arrive early; we depart on time. Led by Lynn Bomberger.

Friday, May 22
Pt. Lobos Shoreline and Forest Hike

Point Lobos is always a beautiful destination. On this outing we’ll take in the stunning shoreline of the North Shore, Cypress Grove, and some forest trails. There might not be many flowers, but the views will be breathtaking. The hike is ±3.5 miles with  ±150 feet ascent. Bring ±$4 for entrance fee, water, and lunch. We depart on time. Led by Lynn Bomberger.

Tuesday, May 26
Mount Madonna – The Most Beautiful Jewel Flower, CNPS                             

Join Andy Werner for a field trip to Mt. Madonna on the eastern summit of the southern Santa Cruz Mountains. We’ll see four species of Mariposa lilies in bloom as well as the serpentine-loving Jewel Flower. Also blooming will be the Candy Flower at probably its most southerly location as well as many other plants in this serpentine-influenced park.  ±9 miles with ±1,500 feet gradual elevation gain. Bring water and lunch.

Saturday, May 30 – Tuesday, June 2
Sudden Oak Death (SOD) Blitz Class                                                                                     

Help save California’s native oaks and participate in the annual SOD Blitz by contributing to a statewide survey for Sudden Oak Death. Due to  the statewide “Shelter in Place” ordinance, we redesigned the activity so it will be safe for everybody. Participants start by going to for a training video about the non-native pathogen responsible for SOD, with instruction on how to spot symptoms and collect samples which help us understand and track the disease. Contact Kerri Frangioso at 530-219-1575 or For more information, visit

Monday, June 1 to TBA
Monterey Regional Park District’s 21st Annual Summer Wildflower Show Goes Virtual

Visit our website beginning June 1, for our first interactive online display of the Park District’s Summer wildflowers. Learn about pollinators and how to dissect a flower. Don’t miss your chance to let us know about your favorite flower.

Wednesday, June 3
Chews Ridge Wildflowers – Scouting Outing, CNPS                                   

Join Stanley Dudek on his scouting outing for this special traditional field trip on June 7. Our pace will be a little faster on this day than the weekend field trip. As the highest public road in Monterey County, Chews Ridge always offers a unique variety of plants. There will be several stops with hikes of a mile or two. Bring lunch and water. All wheel or 4WD vehicles are recommended. Please sign up for only one Chews Ridge field trip.

Sunday, June 7
Chews Ridge Wildflowers, CNPS

Join Stanley Dudek on this special traditional outing. As the highest public road in Monterey County, Chews Ridge always offers a unique variety of plants. There will be several stops with easy to moderate hikes of a mile or two. Bring lunch and water. All-wheel or 4WD vehicles are best. Please sign up for only one Chews Ridge field trip.

Tuesday, June 11
Santa Lucia Preserve Soap Plant Walk, CNPS Members Only

The Santa Lucia Conservancy invites you to experience the amazing plant community of the Santa Lucia Preserve. Join us for a fairly easy CNPS members only shuttle hike of ± 3 miles with ± 200 feet ascent. We hope to see evening blooming soap plant flowers and will definitely see a lot of other flowers. We will meet at the Santa Lucia Conservancy office, NOT the gatehouse area. Arrive at least 10 minutes early; we will have two sign in sheets. Bring water and dinner. Led by Lynn Bomberger.

Saturday, June 13
Ft. Ord National Monument Summer Wildflower Tour, CNPS

This will be a long field trip—don’t sigh up if you can’t stay the entire time. CNPS volunteer David Styer and BLM Botanist Bruce Delgado will lead this tour at Fort Ord. We’ll focus several stops and short hikes on rare and beautifully diverse flowers in such habitats as vernal pools, oak woodlands, maritime chaparral, and native grasslands. There will also be great vistas along the way. Bring water, lunch, and good walking shoes. We will carpool from the meeting location. Early departures are NOT possible. Co-sponsored by BLM & CNPS

Wednesday, June 17
Soap Plant Quest to Mudhen Lake, CNPS

We will be going to Mudhen Lake, a beautiful place near the center of Ft. Ord National Monument. ±5 miles, ±500 feet ascent. The late start will let us miss the hottest temperatures and may lead to sighting the soap plant in bloom. Bring water and a snack, a hat and sunscreen. Led by Cliff Halverson.

Sunday, June 28
Williams Canyon to Mitteldorf Preserve, CNPS Members Only

This lovely hike is ±4 miles with ±400 feet elevation gain. It is along Williams Canyon Road where we’ll pass through a spectacular redwood environment with several creeks on our way to Big Sur Land Trust’s Mitteldorf Preserve. We’ll even have the opportunity to admire the county’s largest diameter redwood. Bring water and lunch. BSLT will cancel our outing if there are downed trees, etc. Arrive early; we depart on time. Led by Lynn Bomberger.

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