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The Pinnacles – Bitterroot (Lewisia rediviva var. r.)

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Wednesday, September 11
Soberanes Creek & Redwoods Picnic                                                  

This is an easy ±3 mile walk with very little elevation gain in Garrapata State Park. We’ll hike past a great diversity of riparian plants, coastal scrub, and into a redwood forest where we’ll find a spot to have lunch. The gentle cascading water of the creek and happy birds will enhance our journey. The views along the trail are especially nice because of years of hard work by Bob Hale and others removing non-natives. Bring water and lunch. Arrive early; we depart on time. Led by Lynn Bomberger

Saturday, September 21
Williams Canyon Hike to Mitteldorf Preserve                                           

This lovely hike is ±4 miles with ± 400 feet elevation gain. It is along Williams Canyon Road where we’ll pass through a spectacular redwood environment with several creeks on our way to Big Sur Land Trust’s Mitteldorf Preserve. We’ll even admire the county’s largest diameter redwood. Bring water and lunch. Arrive early; we depart on time. Led by Lynn Bomberger

Tuesday, September 24
Nisene Marks Hike to Maple Falls with Andy Werner                          

Join Andy Werner on this ±8 mile Nisene Marks hike with ±700 feet elevation gain. Our path takes us through a lovely mostly redwood forest where we’ll see a variety of ferns and possibly a few flowers. We will also hike alongside two beautiful creeks and eventually to serene Maple Falls. The trail into Maple Falls requires agility but when we get there, we’ll relax for lunch. Bring water, lunch and money for a park pass. Arrive early; we depart on time.

Wednesday, October 9
Andrew Molera Big Sur River Hike (Bobcat Trail)                                    

This is a lovely shaded in-and-out hike along the Big Sur River on the Bobcat Trail. We’ll see meadows, gorgeous sycamores, spectacular redwood trees and have plenty of opportunities to admire the Big Sur River. We’ll also experience some road noise; this hike is not perfect, but very close. ±5 miles with minimal ascent but with some irregular rocky terrain. Bring water and lunch. Arrive early; we depart on time. Led by Lynn Bomberger

Tuesday, October 22
Autumn in Mount Madonna with Andy Werner                                        

Our late October field trip to Mount Madonna of approximately 7 miles and 1,500 feet ascent will mainly be a new route with some new plants to ID. We’ll savor the sights, smells, and ambiance of nature in this wonderful park. We’ll hike uphill in the morning and downhill in the afternoon after lunch. Our route will be the Contour Trail, Ridge Trail, Bayview Trail, and Blackhawk Trail. Our pace will be moderate. Bring water and lunch. Arrive early; we depart on time.

Thursday, October 31
Del Monte Forest Hike of Carmel to Poppy Hills, CNPS                      

This nicely shaded lollypop loop begins in Carmel and leads into the quiet Monterey pine forest of Pebble Beach. Lunch gives us the option of purchasing a Poppy Hills sandwich, yum! ±6 miles, ±750 feet ascent with flora & fauna stops. Arrive early; we depart on time. Led by Lynn Bomberger

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