Chapter governance

Structure and people

Deer & Sky Lupine (Lupinus nanus)


The MB-CNPS chapter is governed by a Board of Directors composed of 4 elected members of the executive committee, plus 2-8 appointed committee chairpersons or members-at-large. A Chapter Council Representative attends the quarterly state-wide chapter council meetings to represent the chapter’s interests, activities and issues, and to report back to the chapter on issues and activities of the other CNPS chapters, CNPS Chapter Council, CNPS Board of Directors, and CNPS staff.

Chapter By-laws

Our people

The MB-CNPS chapter is run by numerous volunteers who are committed to increasing the understanding, appreciation, enjoyment, and preservation of California native plants. Chapter board members and committee chairs donate hundreds of hours of their personal time using their personal expertise to organize scientific activities, education programs, conservation activities, and stewardship programs.

Set out below are contact details for Board members, committee chairs and certain affiliated organizations

Officers & directors

Position Person Email Phone
President Brian LeNeve (831) 320-9463
Vice President Patrick Regan (831) 394-4234
Treasurer Jim Pittman (831) 726-1768
Secretary Bob Hale (831) 656-3108
Past President Nikki Nedeff (831) 238-0906
Director Lynn Bomberger (831) 375-7777
Director Peigi Duvall (650) 704-3926
Director Donna Burych (831) 646-9357
Director Rosemary Foster (831) 625-3083
Director Carol LeNeve (831) 624-8497
Director Michael Mitchell (831) 625-9300
Director Jan Shriner (831) 236-0905

Committees & Functions

Position Person Email Phone
Book Sales Carol LeNeve (831) 624-8497
Field Trips Lynn Bomberger (831) 375-7777
Horticulture Patrick Regan (831) 659-1991
Hospitality Rosemary Foster (831) 625-3083
Plant checklists Jim Pittman (831) 726-1768
Newsletter Editor Lynn Bomberger (831) 375-7777
Newsletter Mailer Ron Branson (831) 375-6197
Programs Daian Hennington (831) 747- 4529
Publicity Jan Shriner (831) 236-0905
Stewardship Bruce Delgado (831) 277-7690
Web Master Michael Mitchell (831) 625-9300
Wildflower Show Brian LeNeve (831) 624-8497
Wildflower Show Michael Mitchell (831) 625-9300

Affiliated organizations

Position Person Email Phone
Beach Garden project Joey Dorrell-Canepa (831) 623-9048
Chuck Haugen Conservation Fund Bruce Delgado (831) 277-7690
Monterey Pine Forest Watch Joyce Stevens (831) 624-3149