Many of the monthly programs featured at our general meetings focus on different aspects of gardening with natives. The state CNPS website has helpful and detailed information on gardening with natives as well as their database and garden planning tool Calscape. For more information on gardening with natives in general, view the CNPS pamphlet Why Use Native Plants? Several resources for gardening with natives in Sonoma county follow, from plant lists to nursery lists to planting plans. Read on!

The mediterranean climate of Sonoma County lends itself to a diverse array of plants in many habitat types. From coastal bluffs, chaparral, redwoods, vernal pools, mixed conifer, oak woodland and salt marshes (just to name a few), the diversity in plant communities gives way to a plentitude of unique and gorgeous botanical delights. Our once a year plant sale is a fantastic way to see a large variety of native plants and obtain free gardening information from our plant experts. For detailed information on specific native plants see our Plant Information Card page.

Plant List Resources

Nurseries that Specialize in Native Plants

How to Clean and Store Seed

Thank you to Betty Young, 2018 CNPS Fellow, and author of the Golden Gate National Parks Nursery Manual for sharing her knowledge and expertise.

Planting and Irrigation Plans for Native Plants in Sonoma County

planting under oaks
Gardening Under the Oaks

Gardening under Oaks is easy and drought tolerant with the right plant choices and care not to water in the summer.
Planting Plan, Irrigation Plan

Perennial Meadow

Perennial bunch grasses and flowering shrubs create a gorgeous garden full of habitat.
Planting Plan, Irrigation Plan

fire safer landscaping
Fire Safer Landscaping

Protect your home with defensible space and fire resistant plants.
Planting Plan, Irrigation Plan

desert and coastal plant communities
Drought Tolerant Extremes

Desert and Coastal Plant Communities – Gardening by plant community is important because these plants have evolved together. West of Hwy 101 many can use the coastal plant community. To the East, use desert plants that are well adapted to heat and no water for long periods of time.
Planting Plan, Irrigation Plan