Milo Baker Chapter California Native Plant Sales

The plant sale is our primary fundraising event, please support the Milo Baker Chapter by shopping at our sale. In addition to offering a wide range of native plants for sale, we also have many experts on hand to offer gardening advice. Our partners, the Laguna Foundation will also have a great selection of plants for sale.

The fall sale is held  each year on the second Saturday in October at our Laguna-CNPS nursery, 900 Sanford Rd., Santa Rosa, CA, 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Free admission, free parking.

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Fall Plant Sale a Huge Success

Natasha Granoff – Milo Baker Plant Sale Chair

2023 Fall Plant Sale inventory list (pdf)
2023 Fall Plant Sale flyer (pdf)

The fall plant sale at the Laguna-CNPS nursery saw over 500 people between the member only sale on Friday and the public sale on Saturday. No one was deterred by cool, overcast skies threatening rain, or the solar eclipse that could be seen periodically through the clouds at the beginning of the sale on Saturday. Sales were brisk and of the 2000 plants our nursery volunteer team propagated, potted up, tended and groomed, all were sold but a very few. Those remaining were donated to two school gardens and to April Owens’ Habitat Corridor Project.

The plants looked gorgeous this year and many were in bloom; monkey flower, fuchsias, coyote mint, yarrow, wooly sunflower, all beckoned to the many shoppers looking to fill their gardens with our wonderful selection of native perennials, shrubs, ferns, grasses, vines, and trees. Merchandise sales of t-shirts, books, posters, yard signs, and our own “Sonoma County Native Gardener”, along with the seed and bulb table offerings were strong. Net sales were $22,075, an increase of $2,542 over fall 2022, supporting our operations and our important scholarship program.

Kudos to our partner, Laguna Foundation, for an excellent parking program, refined over two years of plant sale experience, and thanks to the Agios, the dairy farmers, who accommodated us by moving their cows from the south field so we had space for all those cars.

A big thanks to: Betty Young, without whose vision, guidance and management of the nursery there would be no sale.

The nursery volunteers who brave all sorts of weather during to year to make sure our plants grow beautifully: Betty Young, Cindy Tancreto, Deborah Dobish, Denise Kelly, Jan Lochner, Judith Rousseau, Kristi Cain, Liz Parsons, Louise Riedel, Lynnette Bower, Marcia Johnson, Michelle Karle, Patricia Sesser, Penny Dalton, Wendy Born (who also grows the ferns we sell) Wendy Smit, and our newest nursery volunteer, Jack James, who is now a board-member-at-large. And a special shout-out to Lynnette Bower who works side-by-side with Betty Young to manage the nursery, propagates in her home nursery and is an inveterate seed collector. Lynnette has offered to manage the spring sale in 2024, Yeah Lynnette!

Liz Parsons, Plant Sale Chair emeritus, who designed the Fall 2023 plant sale flyer and gave an interview about the plant sale on Garden Talk, KSRO radio. April Owens, of Habitat Corridor, whose client’s native plant garden was featured in the Press Democrat’s Saturday garden section written by Meg McConahey, where the plant sale was advertised.

Wendy Smit for making sure the notice of the plant sale was listed in local news publications, the State CNPS website and on social media, and to Judith Rousseau for distributing plant sale flyers all over Sonoma County and translating the flyer to Spanish.

Patricia Sesser and Cindy Trancreto, who wrangled all the volunteers for both days of the sale.

Karen Thompson who deftly manages the cashiers and talliers. Louise Riedel who took on the task of managing seed and bulb packaging, labeling, organizing and selling. Erika Erzberger and Judith Rousseau, displaying and selling Milo Baker merchandise. Susan Dean, who convinced many a non-member to join.

And last but not least, all the volunteers both Friday and Saturday who make the plant sale such a huge success, and an annual not-to-be-missed event:

Patricia Sesser, April Owens, Betty Young, Bryan Sesser, Cindy Tancreto, Denise Kelly, Erika Erzberger, Jack James, John Dean, Judith Rousseau, Linda Widdifield, Louise Riedel, Lynnette Bower, Michelle Karle, Nick Bower, Penny Dalton, Sandy Martinson, Terry Loveton, Wendy Born, Wendy Krupnick, Ann Howald, Deborah Dobish, Heidi Hermann, Helen Howard, Jane Valerius, Keala Peterson, Leah Harmon, Liz Parsons, Lynn Houser, Pat Chan, Patty Mojar, Ruthie Saia, Sharon Bouton, Sherry Adams, Theresa Wistrom, and Tim McKeough and Celeste Murad, who provided sandwiches to all the volunteers.

Many, many thanks!

2022 51'st Annual Fall Plant Sale

shoppers at Fall plant sale
center isle nursery
Laguna Foundation plant sale table

Photo credits Gary Morgret

We had another wonderfully successful plant sale at the CNPS/Laguna Foundation nursery selling over 1500 plants between the member’s only sale on Friday and the public sale on Saturday. Over the two days, 511 people came to shop, garnering the chapter $19,000 in sales. The plants looked gorgeous-healthy and vigorous and the volunteers outdid themselves selling more bulbs, seeds, t-shirts, books, and memberships than ever and selling out the first two printings of the Sonoma County Native Plant Gardener, by Betty Young and April Owens.

Thanks to all who volunteered their time to make the sale as smooth as possible, before, during and after!