Doran Beach and Bodega Head Ice Plant Removal

Doran Beach Ice Plant Update

volunteers remove ice plant from bluffs near Bodega Marine Lab
Volunteers remove ice plant from bluffs near Bodega Marine Lab

This project just keeps on advancing. In 5 years at Doran Beach, we have cleared the Birdwalk Trail of ice plant, leaving mostly natives and proceeded up along the bay side to the campground. We are now working areas near the entrance of the park, focusing on places where natives are struggling and expecting a strong return when the ice plant is cleared. Next we plan to revisit an area at the East end of the campground that could possibly be plover habitat. Then, in the fall, we will join with parks staff to work near the visitor center boardwalk, installing a native demonstration garden.

FYI – we do not leave the piles of ice plant for you to admire our work. We let them dry and lighten in weight about 1 year then they are hauled to Recology for compost.

And for diversion, we will go one Wednesday a month to the Bodega Marine Lab this spring to help restore the bluffs which are full of natives – and some ice plant.

This all happens on Wednesdays from 9:30 to 3pm+/- with people coming at their preferred time and staying as long as they like. Text Jan at (707) 569-4724 if you want to join us.

Bodega Head Ice Plant Removal

The Bodega Head project is progressing well. We continue to monitor the ice plant in the area behind the bathrooms as the native plants continue to expand into the space we have provided them. We are now mostly focusing on isolated patches along the trail. We have included wild radish in our eradication plan. All this rain is making the pulling of radish and ice plant much easier!. But we have lots to do while the ground is still soft. Every little bit makes the native habitat so much better!

Mark your calendar for the second Sunday of the month from 10 to 1 at the western Bodega Head parking lot. Email Alynn to be added to the group list for reminders and reschedules (rain):

Warning: Pulling Ice Plant is addicting and satisfying and therapeutic and fun!!

Bodega park before ice plant removal

Photo of the lower half of the area we are currently working.

beach grass thriving after ice plant removal

The green CA native beach grass is thriving without the ice plant!