Merit and Research Scholarships for Students of Native Plants

Awards from $1000 to $3500 for Sonoma State University and Santa Rosa Junior College Students.

  • Studying native plants or communities?
  • Interested in a plant-related career?
  • Need financial assistance for school or research supplies?

A legacy of leadership; in the past two years alone, we have supported 20 students with over $35,000 in financial aid: more than half the impact the past ten years! This investment will produce a return for our community in the form of an educated network of people that incorporate native plant conservation and stewardship into their lives and livelihoods.

We have immense gratitude for our members and especially scholarship-specific donors, who continue to support our organization so we can give this priceless gift to our community and keep the legacy of scholarship going and growing. Please consider a donation by clicking here, mailing a check to: Milo Baker Chapter, P.O. Box 892, Santa Rosa, CA 95402, or by contacting Karen Thompson, Treasurer, at

  • $1000 for Merit Scholarships
  • Up to $3500 for Research Scholarships

The Milo Baker Chapter of the California Native Plant Society is looking to support students who are interested in learning about native plants or are engaged in study and/or research relating to native plant conservation, restoration, or other native plant studies.

Milo Baker provides two types of scholarships; a Merit Scholarship for educational expenses and a Research Scholarship to provide funding for research-related expenses. Awards are open to students of Sonoma State University or Santa Rosa Junior College. Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate a focus on Sonoma County flora or issues affecting plant communities of Sonoma County.

The Milo Baker scholarships are offered to students twice per academic year during the fall and spring semesters. Previous scholarship recipients are welcome to apply a second time, as long as the application is submitted at least one year after the first scholarship was awarded. Additionally, students may apply to receive both a merit and a research scholarship in the same application period.

Deadline: Applications for the Fall Scholarships are due November 1st, 2023.
If you have questions, please email Michelle Halbur at

Merit Scholarships

Merit Scholarships are available for students studying native plants, plant ecology, plant genetics, or related studies. Applicants will be evaluated on a combination of academic background, work experience, and personal commitment to plant-related studies or profession.

  • Awards of $1,000
  • Must participate in one Milo Baker volunteer activity (outreach and education event participation, invasive species removal, native plant nursery, garden tour, or other approved activity)
  • Must provide a letter of appreciation to scholarship donor

To apply: Submit the online Milo Baker Merit Application using the link below.

Merit Scholarship Application

Research Scholarships

Research Scholarships are available for students that need funding for research related to plants in Sonoma County. Expenses may be used for new or existing projects. Applicants will be evaluated on a combination of academic background, work experience, and personal commitment needed to carry out proposed research successfully.

  • Awards up to $3,500 depending on project budget
  • Must participate in one Milo Baker Volunteer activity (See Merit Scholarship description)
  • Must submit short written or oral report of research activities to the Milo Baker Board within a year
  • Must provide a letter of appreciation to scholarship donor

To apply: Submit the online Milo Baker Merit Application using the link below. Include any other pertinent information to support your application (such as a resume or CV)

Research Scholarship Application

2023 Spring Scholarship Recipients

Chloe Winsemius, Spring 2023 Merit Scholarship recipient

Chloe Winsemius – Milo Baker Merit Scholarship recipient

Hello! My name is Chloe Winsemius and I am beginning my third year at Sonoma State University where I am studying for a BS in Environmental Science as well as minors in Biology, Sustainability, and Education. During the academic year, I lead tours as an Education Assistant at the Fairfield Osborn Preserve. One of my favorite aspects is inviting students to taste and smell some of the native plants on the preserve. One of the most popular among the students, is the Douglas-fir (the Christmas Tree), and many compare the taste to how citronella candles smell. I think it is very important to expose children to their local environment at a young age as it can help to foster inquiry about the importance of native plants, natural processes, ecosystem services, and how the needs of humans and nature must be balanced. Working with children on the Fairfield Osborn Preserve has encouraged me to become an Environmental Educator so I can help form impactful experiences in nature for children, inspiring them to become scientists, just as Sonoma County’s environment has done for me. I would like to express my gratitude for the recognition of this award and its ability to help me pursue my education goals in Sonoma County as well as to give thanks to those helping to make my education journey more than I would have ever imagined. (This is a photo of me with the endangered CA Red Legged Frog during a night Survey near the Fairfield Osborn Preserve)

Roxanne Wilkerson, 2023 Merit Scholarship recipient

Roxanne Wilkerson – Milo Baker Merit Scholarship recipient

I am a Geography, Environmental Studies, and Planning (B.A.) student at Sonoma State University with a concentration in environmental systems. Throughout my academic career, I have always held a passion for studying applied and restoration ecology. One of my primary fascinations is with California’s native wildflowers and what actions have been taken to rehabilitate endangered populations. I enjoy researching progress in local restoration projects across California for these wildflowers, along with other native plant species. I also desire to build strong foundational knowledge on plant ecology. This scholarship will certainly support me in not only continuing my education, but also reaching my greatest aspirations in an academic setting. When I achieve my academic goals, I will be able to attain an environmental career that focuses on countering the climate crisis through efforts in restoration, conservation, and more.

Isabella Boggio, 2023 Research Scholarship recipient

Isabella Boggio – Milo Baker Research Scholarship recipient

Hello! My name is Bella and I am currently a graduate student at Sonoma State University studying California native oak regeneration in areas where exotic grazers are present. I am passionate about conservation, education, and habitat restoration. Receiving this CNPS Milo Baker scholarship is allowing me to conduct my research in our local oak woodland, and I couldn’t be more grateful!