Milo Baker Chapter Leadership

The Milo Baker Board is a group of incredibly dedicated people who are fun to work with. If you are interested in becoming involved in the Milo Baker Chapter of the California Native Plant Society we encourage you to attend a board meeting on the second Tuesday of the month (except for June, August, and December) at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom. If you would like to attend, contact us for a link to the Zoom meeting.

Officers and Directors

Position Member Phone Email
President open
Past President Leia Giambastiani 707-322-6422
Vice President Liz Parsons 707-508-8345
Secretary Kerry Wininger 707-888-5616
Treasurer Karen Thompson
Communications April Owens 707-331-2070
Director at Large Jack James
Director at Large open
Director at Large Jim Piercy 707-539-3441

Chairpersons and Committees

Position Member Phone Email
Books/Poster/T-Shirt Sales Erika Erzberger
Conservation Co-Chair Trish Tatarian 707-799-7750
Conservation Co-Chair Sean McNeil 707-480-2965
Cunningham Marsh Steward Marcia Johnson 707-217-8018
Education & Outreach Co-Chair Virginia Hotz-Steenhoven 707-217-9815
Education & Outreach Co-Chair Catherine Lipson
Field Trip Chair Lynn Houser
Horticulture Chair Liz Parsons 707-508-8345
Hospitality Co-Chair Wendy Smit 707-481-3765
Hospitality Co-Chair Liz Parsons 707-508-8345
Invasive Plant Co-Chair Jan Lochner 707-569-4724
Invasive Plant Co-Chair Alynn Kjeldsen 707-321-1748
Membership Susan Dean 360-481-2646
Newsletter Editor June Stephens 925-766-7438
Nursery Co-chair Betty Young 707-695-4257
Nursery Co-chair Lynnette Bower
Plant Sale Natasha Granoff 707-696-7171
Programs/Lectures Virginia Hotz-Steenhoven 707-217-9815
Publicity Wendy Smit 707-481-3765
Rare Plants Chair Jennifer Palladini
Rincon Ridge Park Steward Michelle Karle
SCCC Rep Wendy Krupnick 707-544-4582
Scholarship Chair Michelle Halbur
Social Media open
Southridge Preserve Steward Michelle Karle
SRJC Representative open
SSU Representative Lynnette Bower
Vine Hill Preserve Sarah Gordon 707-833-1243
Web Administrator June Stephens 925-766-7438