Spring Plant Sale at the Laguna Foundation-Milo Baker CNPS Nursery

The spring plant sale at the nursery went well, thanks to all our nursery volunteers and the day of sale volunteers. We sold 882 plants grossing $5026.00 dollars. Erika Erzberger’s excellent sales skills brought in another $1377.64 from books, hoodies, hats, posters, shirts, and yard signs, for total gross sales of $6403.64. If you have not seen the new ball caps, hoodies, and T-shirts, check them out at the next general meeting, June 18th.

A big thank you to nursery co-chair Lynnette Bower who determined what to grow, organized the nursery volunteers, managed the inventory, and was guided and supported by nursery co-chair Betty Young. We had native annuals to sell in addition to native perennials, all in 4”-pots, apart from a few species of ferns in 1-gallon pots, propagated by Wendy Born.

To those who volunteered their time working the sale, many, many thanks. We are so lucky as an organization to have such committed, dependable, friendly, and talented volunteers! I would like to welcome two new volunteers to the plant sale, Carol Carr and Mary Ellen King. They both jumped in and took on the not-so-easy task of tallying plants before customers headed to a cashier for payment. Additionally, Willow Woodward from Laguna Foundation volunteered to be a cashier. Thank you to Ayla Mills, Laguna Nursery Manager, for connecting us with Willow!

Plant Sale Volunteers: Wendy Born, Lynnette Bowers, Nick Bowers, Penny Dalton, John Dean, Susan Dean, Carol Carr, Pam Horton, Lynn Houser, Virginia Hotz-Steenhoven, Jack James, Marcia Johnson, Catherine Lipson, Celeste Murad, Ruthie Saia, Cindy Tancreto, Karen Thompson. Wonderful job everyone!

Mark your calendar for the fall plant sale, October 12th. Would love to have you all back for a repeat performance! The Plant Sale Chair is still open for 2025.

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