June 20 Speaker Series: Home Turf – Strolling the Sonoma State Campus; an Introduction to Place

Abstract: Lakin Khan will take us on a short visual tour of the Sonoma State Campus, a ramble with pictures and stories, as an introduction to the flora and fauna, trees and ponds that make up the natural environment of the campus. Much of the campus was originally designed as an arboretum, so there are many unique trees. We’ll take a small tour of the Butterfly and Bird Garden, rich in native plants. Images will be shared with readings from Home Turf, a Bestiary of Sonoma State.


Lakin Khan Sonoma StateBio: Lakin Khan writes and walks in the North Bay, amidst the woods and along the ocean, in the mountains and the marsh-trails of Marin and Sonoma Counties. She leads Jumpstart Writing Workshops online and posts to her blog, Rhymes with Bacon. Her collection of nature and animal essays titled Home Turf, illustrated by well-known printmaker Shane Weare, was just published in December 2022. Her poems, essays and short fiction have been published in the journals Zaum, The Dickens, the anthology, Zebulaon Nights and online forums, such as Significant Objects. She was the Fiction Director of the Napa Valley Writers Conference for eight years and has been a student, administrative staff, and an educator at Sonoma State University.

Zoom link to Lakin Khan’s presentation