Porterfield Creek Open Space Preserve Plant Walk

Monday May 8, 11:00-3:30. Leader: Rosaleen Murphy, Certified California Naturalist.

Join us on a fun, collaborative, botany exploration of Porterfield Creek Preserve, a hidden gem owned by the City of Cloverdale. Also known as Clover Springs Preserve, this 250 acre Preserve, nestled in the hills behind a suburban neighborhood, boasts an astounding array of plants, within its varied plant communities.  Serpentine meadows full of charming endemics, shady canyons rich with ferns, woodland stars, and fairy bells, and even high chaparral. If we are particularly lucky, we may find such beauties as Red Ribbons Clarkia, native Azaleas, and Leopard Lillies.

This moderate/but mostly strenuous  uphill hike, we will traverse three miles of trails , with single track, rocky slopes, with roughly 800 feet elevation gain. It also can get hot up there or Windy.

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