Sonoma County Native Plant Gardener Now Available

Native Plant Gardener bookletCo-authored by Milo Baker members Betty Young and April Owens, this 41 page guide to native plant gardening right here in Sonoma County, has design, plant selection, site preparation, planting and maintenance guides, along with lists and photos of the plants in our local plant communities. It also includes many handy charts on how to prune and maintain the common native plants, lists of native plants for different situations, and lists of many resources.

Thanks especially to April Owens, landscape designer, for writing the design section, to the booklet committee; Cindy Tancreto, Pat Sesser, Penny Dalton, Natasha Granoff, Liz Parsons, Wendy Born, and Marcia Johnson, for their support and advice, to Soli Martinez for her beautiful graphics and patience with all our edits, and to Lynnette Bower for coordination between authors and Soli and for coordinating printing.