Kern CNPS members have compiled checklists of plants found at various locations across the county. We’ve compiled them here so others can use them when in the field.

In addition, individual plants lists can be created for anywhere in the county using CalFlora. Go to CalFlora’s What Grows Here and follow the directions to create your own plant list with photos for easier plant identification.

Plant Checklists

Plant checklists are useful for helping to identify plants that have been found previously in the area designated. Most lists identify plants that were flowering at the time observed. Some plant lists include all species found in an area regardless of season.

The scientific names–their binomials–can change over time as botanists revise their views on how various plants fit into the scheme of evolution. Thus the name shown on a plant list here may differ from more current plant lists. In California, the name used in the current version of the Jepson manual is often, though not always, the final arbiter.

Additional Resources

In addition to resources from the Kern Chapter, there are a number of online botanical databases and other websites that provide extensive information about California plants. Some of the main ones include: