Siskiyou Mountains, OR

Photo: David Wagner
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Sac lunch

March 24 – 27, 2018
Siskiyou Field Institute, Selma, Oregon, in the Siskiyou Mountains
Coordinator: Scot Loring

From our base at the Siskiyou Field Institute, where we ate gourmet catered meals and held our evening microscope sessions, we ranged into many of the habitats that the Oregon Siskiyous have to offer. We stayed at middle to low elevation because of recent snow, but visited a variety of plant communities including riparian forest along big rivers and small streams, Darlingtonia bogs, oak woodlands, meadows, and serpentine barrens. The ephemeral bryophyte flora was excellent in the latter two habitats, and there were nice wildflower displays everywhere. The richness of bryophytes encountered was enhanced by the diverse geology including serpentine, other ultramafics, volcanics, and calcareous rock. There was a special introductory talk and walk for the large beginners group. Participants at all levels of expertise found it a great learning and socializing experience!

Read the detailed report with additional photos in our newsletter here.

Blond huggies

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Come on, people now

Polytrichaceae splash cups for dispersing sperm
Brother gametophores

group photo
My favorite color is blue