Mission, Standing Rules, People

Photo: Paul Wilson

Our Mission

The Bryophyte Chapter aims to increase understanding and appreciation of California’s mosses, liverworts and hornworts, and to protect them and the habitats in which they grow.

Regular Activities

We explore bryophyte diversity around the state and are eager to collaborate with local chapters in presenting talks, leading workshops, and participating in hikes to learn native plants.

We work to inventory rarity of bryophytes.

We host an annual spring foray for our members and beginners.

We host monthly meetings on the third Thursday of most months via Zoom, featuring two short talks on bryophytes.

Visionary Work (if we had funding)

To accelerate work on the California Moss eFlora, bringing the names in line with current usage, revising genus keys with abundant images, and authoritatively annotating specimens to produce accurate dot maps of each species. A completely reviewed eFlora would form the foundation of basic science that would further efforts to protect sensitive bryophytes, discover novel records, study the origins of California bryophytes along with their ecological relations, and understand their role in ecosystem function. One possible route to accelerating this work would be to produce guides to sensitive species and species that are easily confused with sensitive species.

Standing Rules

  1. This is a set of rules that can be amended by the elected board of directors.
  2. The Bryophyte Chapter operates under the bylaws for the California Native Plant Society and in cooperation with the statewide organization.
    • A. Members of the Bryophyte Chapter are encouraged to be members of local chapters within CNPS.
  3. The Board of Directors as a group shall set financial policies, make major decisions not under the purview of a particular officer, and shall arrange for fair elections fielding candidates for all offices thereby self-perpetuating the chapter. The board shall consist of the following five officers:
    • A. President—The President shall act as the chief executive responsible for all duties other officers are not responsible for and delegating duties to other members. The President shall either serve as the chapter’s delegate on the statewide Chapter Council, or shall designate another member to serve in that role. The President shall either coordinate the activities of inventorying rare bryophytes or delegate that role to another member. The President shall assure that an annual report is submitted to the statewide organization.
    • B. President Elect—In the absence of the President, the President Elect shall act in the role of President. The President Elect shall also facilitate the sharing of slideshows and other teaching materials among the liaisons. In addition, the President Elect is expected to accept substantial assignments delegated by the President (see §5 on appointments below). The President Elect becomes President after completion of a term as President Elect.
    • C. Secretary—The Secretary shall maintain the webpage and issue the newsletter. The Secretary shall receive the membership rolls from the statewide organization and shall assure that all members are enabled to vote and receive the chapter’s newsletter. The Secretary shall take minutes of the business meetings and other activities and maintain an archive of records. The Secretary may appoint Assistant Secretaries and thereby form a Secretary’s Committee.
    • D. Treasurer—The Treasurer shall maintain the bank account, financial records, and submit a financial report to be included in the annual report to the statewide organization. The Treasurer will chair fundraising. The Treasurer may appoint Assistant Treasurers and thereby form a Treasure’s Committee.
    • E. Fieldtrip Director—The Fieldtrip Director shall recruit fieldtrip leaders and work closely with them to make each fieldtrip a success. This often includes assuring that permits are applied for well in advance of an event and received before an event, that facilities have been arranged, and that trips have clear meeting spots and itineraries. As with other directors, the Fieldtrip Director may appoint assistants.
  4. Directors shall be elected for a term of two years. Terms of office shall correspond to the CNPS fiscal year such that directors assume duties on 1 April and retire on 31 March. For the sake of continuity across years, the terms of the various officers shall be staggered. Two offices are up for election each year: Secretary and Field Trip Director in odd years, President Elect and Treasurer in even years. The President takes office in even years but was elected as President Elect two years previously. In the event of a vacancy, the Board shall appoint a successor to complete a term of service.
  5. The Chapter shall have an Advisory Committee consisting of all living past presidents. The role of this committee is strictly advisory, to provide continuity and institutional memory, with no vote in Board decisions.
  6. Meetings
    • A. The Chapter shall have at least one general meeting each year, likely at the annual spring foray.
    • B. The Board of Directors, and perhaps other members such as those who have been delegated to, shall have business meetings at least six times per year including the annual general meeting. Many of these meetings may be via conference calls or emails.
    • C. In addition to the annual general meeting, the chapter aims to regularly host small local field trips and meetings with an educational program throughout the year. These shall be announced in advance in the newsletter. Such meetings are often done in coordination with other chapters.
  7. Members shall be appointed to fill certain roles of responsibility in the Chapter. The list of these roles is expected to change from time to time. Members may be appointed to more than one role. These chairs, assistants, and liaisons do not vote at board meetings (except those who are also an elected officer). The following is a non-exhaustive list of possible roles:
  • Judge of Elections (appointed by the Board as a whole)
  • Delegate to the Chapter Counsel (appointed by the President)
  • Rare bryophyte Chair (appointed by the President)
  • Assistant Secretary for webpages or for editing Bryolog (may be appointed by the Secretary)
  • Assistant Treasurer for Sales and Taxes (may be appointed by the Treasurer)
  • Liaisons who arrange events for local chapters (appointed by the President Elect)



Chapter Email


Board of Directors

President, Kirsten Fisher kfisher2[at]calstatela.edu

President-Elect, Jenna Ekwealor ekwealor[at]sfsu.edu

Secretary, Amanda Heinrich amandaheinrich777[at]gmail.com

Treasurer, Jordan Collins jcollins[at]cnps.org

Fieldtrip Director, Bill Thiessen thiessen1982[at]att.net


Ben Carter (Bristlecone) Benjamin.Carter[at]wildlife.ca.gov

Cathy Chambers (at-large) chambersvgardens[at]hotmail.com

Lena Coleman (at-large) lenacoleman44[at]gmail.com

Amanda Heinrich (Santa Barbara/Channel Islands) amandaheinrich777[at]gmail.com website Bryophytes of Santa Barbara

Marisela de Santa Anna (Sanhedrin) mdsa1955[at]gmail.com

Kirsten Fisher (San Gabriel Mountains) kfisher2[at]exchange.calstatela.edu

Joe Flynn (San Luis Obispo) joeflynn[at]charter.net

Ken Kellman (Santa Cruz) kkellman[at]sbcglobal.net

Scot Loring (Shasta) gniroltocs[at]hotmail.com

Kiamara Ludwig (East Bay) kiamara3[at]juno.com

John McLaughlin (at-large) john.mclaughlin[at]sjsu.edu

Brent Mishler (at-large) bmishler[at]berkeley.edu

Andy Pigniolo (San Diego) Andrew[at]LagunaEnv.com

Stephen Rae (Napa Valley) stephen.rae[at]gmail.com

Lynn Robertson (Sierra Foothils) billielr[at]sti.net

Hayley Ross (Dorothy King Young) hross[at]mendoco.com

Jim Shevock (at-large) jshevock[at]calacademy.org

Bill Thiessen (Alta Peak) thiessen1982[at]att.net

Neil Uelman (South Coast of L.A.) cactineil[at]hotmail.com

Paul Wilson (North Coast) paulsiriwilson[at]gmail.com

Chris Wagner (Riverside/San Bernardino) mossgeek[at]yahoo.com

David Wagner (at-large) davidwagner[at]mac.com website fernzenmosses.com

Carl Wishner (Redbud) cbwishner[at]gmail.com

Other Appointees

Rare bryophyte Chair: Stephen Rae stephen.rae[at]gmail.com

Delegate to Chapter Council: the president; alternate paulsiriwilson[at]gmail.com

Assistant Secretary for the webpages: Paul Wilson paulsiriwilson[at]gmail.com

Social Media Chair: Shane Hanofee shanehanofee[at]gmail.com

moss on rock
Gemmabryum kunzei